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Why is it necessary to study a foreign language?

Some time ago, to become citizens of the world, we had to overcome great physical and communicative barriers. The new technologies took care of attenuating the physical obstacles but, due to many reasons, the communicative ones have not been so easily transposed. One of the main obstacles is language.

The apprenticeship of another language gives the possibility of gaining new horizons. It helps us to surmount obstacles that otherwise could block the communication between people and cultures from around the globe.

Why should you study a foreign language with ER?

The PERSONALIZATION of a language course has been confused many times with the idea of a PRIVATE LESSON. Personalization doesn’t have only mean the number of students involved in the process. Other than the quantity, there is the qualitative aspect to be considered. That is, personalized pedagogical planning made with a clear line of communication between the teacher and the student. It takes into consideration the expectations and the levels of urgency of each student’s particular needs.

The difference with ER is in the thorough analyses of the student’s requirements, made by our team. This allows us to develop a geniune personalization of the apprenticeship process. The manner of elaborating and presenting classes and contents, as well as the relationship between student-team and student-teacher, is guided by the knowledge that comes from this analysis.

The ER distinguishes itself at the development of clear goals planned by the course and the student in his/her first contact, proposing a planning that conducts the student to reach the competence levels aimed at the target language.

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