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Dining in the dark? Welcome to a world of senses!

This text was adapted from the  link below and posted on this blog by Risoleta Bernardes for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES.  



Dinner in the total darkness, guided and served by blind people, is a unique experience that changes our perception of the world by reversing points of view.


A visit to Dans le Noir ? (“In the Dark?”) is not just dinner, it is a sensorial, social, and human experience.

First, your senses will be awakened, as you are allowed to completely re-evaluate your perception of taste, smell, and texture.

It is a social experience, in which the darkness protects you from your inhibitions and frees you to experience relationships and interactions without prejudice or preconception.

Finally, it is a richly human experience when the blind become your eyes, opening your mind to an intriguing new world of mystery and sensation.

Enjoy the famous surprise menu at “Dans le Noir ?,” created with the help of Chef Olivier Romain, with the finest selection of wines by Christophe Garnier, our blind tasting wine expert.

Dive into your imagination and rediscover your senses. This place is totally devoid of vanity, and everyone must go!

How it works

Dans le Noir ? is, first and foremost, a fun and social sensory experience to enjoy! Dining at Dans le Noir ? is about taste, texture, discovery, and the element of suprise. It’s like “dinner and a show.” People come into the experience hoping to be entertained, as well as to entertain, and discover a deeper experience than they ever expected.

You will be welcomed into our warm and friendly lighted lounge, where one of our helpful hosts will explain the dinner process. First, they
will ask for a group name, then you will be asked to sign a waiver. Finally, you will choose your surprise dinner menu and your order will be taken. While you are waitng to be seated in the dark room you are encouraged to enjoy one of our fresh Surprise Cocktails. These drinks are only the beginning of the experience.

If you have any allergies, please let us know when ordering so we can adapt your menu. Also, after being seated, please remind your guide of any allergies you may have so that they may bring you the correct plate in the dark room. This reduces the risk of any confusion that may occur.

For most people, choosing a wine with dinner correlates to the food that is being served. However, this is not the case at Dans le Noir ?, because the menu is a surprise. Therefore, we ask that you let our helpful staff make the selection for you. Each wine, either by the glass, or bottle, will be adapted to your menu. As well, diners are free to set a limit on the amount of money they choose to spend on wine. We will happily stick to your budget, and do our best to choose the best wine for your dinner experience.

After  the host takes your order, you will have a brief waiting period before your guide is able to escort you into the dark dining area. During this time, you will be asked to place all of your possessions (including bags, coats, mobile phones, lighters, or anything that projects light) into a locker downstairs. Although watches are allowed to be kept on your person, they must be kept in pockets. If you have a valuable  worth more than $300, please contact our staff so that they may  keep it in a safe place for you. Please be aware that if you are not comfortable placing your possessions in a locker, you may keep them with you in the dark room, as long as they do not emit light or cause any trip hazards or other safety concern.

We also recommend that you use the restroom before dinner. This is recommended not only for safety reasons, but so that your experience is not interrupted.

When the staff calls your name, you will come to the entrance of the Dining Room, where you will be introduced to your guide. He/she will be the one who takes care of your group for the duration of the dinner. After the introductions, your guide will issue instructions/safety precautions, and you will then be guided to your table in the dark room. All patrons must follow strict security instructions, and never attempt to walk around  in the Dark Dining Room alone, unless they are with a guide.

Once you are seated at your table, you are free to order additional courses/items. You are also encouraged to converse freely with your guide, and address him/her by their first name. Your guide is there to help you, and he/she will be with you as often as they can. If at any point you feel uncomfortable or stressed, please tell your guide. If needed, he/she will bring you back to the lighted bar/lounge area.

At the end of the dinner, you will be escorted out by your guide. We ask you to exit the darkroom carefully, and to  shield your eyes when you enter the lighted area. After an hour and a half in a fully dark room, your eyes will have to adjust slowly to the light, and there may be a brief period of discomfort, however, it will subside.

After you are back in the lounge area, you are encouraged to talk about your experience, as well as to find out what your mystery meal was. You will be shown pictures of what you have just eaten, and for many, it is a fun experience to compare your actual meal to what you think you might have consumed. During this time, coffee and cocktails will be available.

Finally, if you have any possessions stored in a locker, you are free to remove your belongings and leave, but don’t forget to pay. Dans le Noir?  is an independent company not  supported by any public or charity funding. We even give 10% of our final profit to charities such as the Blind foundation, and  Childhood protection.

We hope you enjoy this unique experience, and that you will help promote the concept by urging all of your friends, family, and colleagues to join us for dinner!




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