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Emerging Economies

Please watch the video below and answer the questions that follow.


Questionnaire created by Jaime Acosta, instructor of english language at curso ER.

INSTRUCTIONS: watch the video above and answer the following multiple-choice questions.

1. according to the reporter, fast-growing countries were also known as:

a) poor

b) third-world

c) worldwide

d) third-party

2. according to the video, which countries are considered to be developed countries:

a) USA and France

b) Korea and India

c) USA and Japan

d) none of them

3. The emerging economies have grown

a) slowly

b) extremely fast

c) normally

d) quickly

4. according to the video, which of these countries is considered to be a developed nation

a) Guatemala

b) Thailand

c) South Korea

d) Argentina

5. Emerging economies account for ________ of steel consumption in the world.

a) three quarters

b) two halfs

c) one quarter

d) none of them

6. Emerging countries have increased their car sales by:

a) 45%

b) 20%

c) 52%

d) 80%

7. Cell phone subscriptions have been decreased in developed markets

a) true

b) false

8. according to the reporter, the emerging markets _______ match the developed markets on every measure.

a) will

b) cannot

c) want

d) can

9. in 1820, the emerging countries accounted for about _____ of the world´s economy.

a) 30%

b) 70%

c) 10%

d) 95%

10. The progress of the emerging countries nowadays is not a revolution, but rather a ___________.

a) renovation

b) innovation

c) inversion

d) restoration

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