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Is it worth the cost to host the Olympic games?


It is worth the cost to host the Olympic games, because of the profits that could be made as part of these games. When a country hosts the Olympics, their rate of tourism skyrockets. Businesses within wide radii of where the games would be hosted would have profit margins shoot through the roof. The countries themselves are seen by the world as worthy of hosting, and the cultural rating of these countries therefore raise. It would be silly for a country that focused on profit to turn down an opportunity to host the Olympic games.

It is worth it because the revenue they generate more than outweighs the cost. The Olympics are a very special event. You have the most talented athletes across the globe competing and showing us what they are really capable of. Think of the revenue that is generated by just the athletes alone. Some travel with family and need a place to stay. Obviously, some local hotel is going to capitalize on that.

The Olympics give countries a change to partake in friendly competition. The games are a constructive experience, not a destruction one like going to war. I think the Olympics are a healthy way of using sports to foster a healthier world.



The Olympic Games, is a big waste of time, money, effort, and resources, because all it does is distract people from what they really need to be paying attention to. This goes right up there with professional sports. It’s nothing but a rehash of the games from ancient times.

The cost to host the Olympic games is not worth it, because far too many cities have to build entire new buildings just to host the games, buildings that will be used once and never again. It is almost impossible for the same city to host the Olympics again within a reasonable amount of time, and when they do, they would have to rebuild everything all over again, because their previous stadiums will be out of date.

The environmental cost of hosting the Olympic games is always high and can be very high due to the fact that the Olympic games cause a small area to become extremely overpopulated for a short period of time. Nothing is worth deliberate environmental degradation, especially if the games are hosted in an area that still retains any sort of intact ecosystems.

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