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Our Teachers

The team counts on prepared teachers to the work with both individual lessons and group lessons. We always take into consideration student’s needs and the difficulties involved in the apprenticeship process of a new language.

The profile of the ER’s teacher is one of an experienced professional, who is both an educator and a researcher. We believe that the process of learning-teaching is an opportunity of advancement for both the students and the professionals involved in the whole process.

The selection of teachers
Our professionals are selected by means of tests of oral and written expression and presentation of classes. One of the basic requirements to become part of our team is to have a formally proved proficiency in the language that s/he is intending to teach and to also have a teaching qualification.

Work or not to work with native speakers?

  • One frequently asked question from many people who look to ER to study languages, is whether to study with native speakers or not.
  • Since we believe that teaching a language is far beyond the grasp of being born a native speaker, we do not hire people without the proper qualification to teach. Native teachers who want to make part of our team have to face the same process of non-native teachers.
  • ER’s goal is more than simply to put the student in contact with the “accent” of a native. Our course does not get stuck in the culture or the voice of one particular country or region. We consider culture as long as it helps to attain the goals set in the analyses of the needs.

The coordination work

  • The ER’s coordination segments itself in to two areas: the pedagogical department and the student’s services department. The services department gives attention to the relation between the student and the team. The pedagogical department gives attention to the classes and to the pedagogical planning.
  • The constantly apprenticeship of the teachers team
  • The contact among the teachers often takes place in meetings designed to evaluate the teacher’s performances, their professional development and class support.
  • We believe in a process of learning-apprenticeship that takes into consideration a socio-historical demographic of both student and teacher. We look to the new teachers as much as to the older ones. Depending on the needs of each individual student.
  • According to the kind of personalization process to which we are linked, these goals are not limited to the knowledge of the systemic aspect of the language (grammar/structure).
  • Our support work, together with the educators, has the objective of assisting them in their task of transforming the student’s expectations and urgencies in measurable pedagogical goals. This is achieved in a process guided by a pleasant methodological approach for all the participants.
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