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People Spend Half the Day Daydreaming

This article was taken from another site (see link below) and posted on this blog by Leonardo Santos for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES

According to  a recent American study people spend almost half of the day daydreaming. An iPhone app , which they downloaded, questioned them about their thoughts and  moods  during the day and at night.

The study comes to the conclusion  that 30% of the time people are not really concentrating on what they are doing. Their minds wander around other things. Most of them admit  they are distracted  easily.

Those who took part in the survey were called at different times of the day and had to answer a few questions on what they were doing, if they were concentrated on it and how they felt.

The survey team found out that almost half of the time the participants did not concentrate on what they were doing.

There might also be a connection between daydreaming and happiness. Most of those who said they were daydreaming also admitted  they were not very happy at the time.

People who were phoned while exercising, having a conversation or making love were the happiest, while those who were working or sitting in front of a computer said that they were unhappy. The  survey  however does not say whether daydreaming leads to unhappiness or not.

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