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Aiming for a target of excellence, ER’s name, ‘English and Reality’ clearly indicates what we consider fundamental on the teaching-learning process: the use of language according to the reality of the student’s needs.
Evidence suggests that other language programs ignore the individual differences of students. Therefore these courses are less efficient, as the rythm of class assimiliation is pre set for everyone. Also the teaching process is limited to a single vocabulary style and set of grammatical rules that are memorized by rote learning. The development of communicative competence is actually much more than just the acquisition of grammar structure knowledge.

ER aims to fill this gap by creating dynamic, personalised and fresh language courses tailored to the needs of each individual student. This allows the student to develop language acquisition techniques similar to native speakers. The student will be immersed in language that is practicle and appropriate in their daily personal and proffessional lives.

ER focuses on the student learning spontaneously and intuitively through dynamic interaction with their teacher. By presenting playful and pleasant activities we aim at exploring communication creatively.  We are constantly searching for new ways to improve the expressive ability of our students, in order for them to gain an effective autonomy of their linguistic faculties.

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